Sixteen Twenty Four
Sixteen Twenty Four
A broken girl's journey of healing and learning to love through the power of God's word

Pleasant words are a honeycomb,

sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

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Hey Y’all!

I’m Jennifer Peppers, or “Peps” to my friends young and old.

I’m from a small town in West Georgia where I take care of my family, serve as a youth ministry leader and run my small business out of my home. Our crazy bunch is made up of myself, my husband Jeff and our three great…um, good…well mostly ok kids. We love Jesus and living a simple life.

I’ve been blogging since I opened my business in 2015, telling our stories of life—the good, bad and the struggle to stay sane!

As we kicked off 2019 the idea for this new blog and title was born out of the realization that the words I speak can tend to be um…lets just say not Proverbs 16:24 kind of words. I am a former strong willed child (also known as a brat) turned strong willed woman (my husband still tries to use the term brat…ask him how that works out for him) and when I got saved I decided we’d describe my now adult tantrums as being “passionate”.

See? That sounds so much better doesn’t it?

Anyway I am much better now.

Well mostly :)

Honestly I am just trying to get one thing right at a time. I fail on the daily and often end up feeling like the ultimate failure but then God reminds me that it is only through His strength that I will do this life with any kind of success. So if you’re like me and you feel like you mess up a little more than most, stick around and I promise you’ll feel better about yourself after reading about my blunders!

You’re welcome ;)

So if you are reading this, I truly believe you are here for a reason.

This is judgement free zone. You’re safe here.